Bradford Elementary School

September 12, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We have gotten off to a great start so far this year at BES.  Thank you all for your support and cooperation during the first few weeks of school.  We will continue to communicate with you through various means, such as weekly newsletters, phone tree updates, facebook notifications, and letters such as this.  We are sending you this letter today to give you a few updates for current and future events at BES.

Our Parent Teacher Conference has been rescheduled to October 10th from 2:00 - 7:00 pm.  Your child received a Progress Report last week listing current grades per subject area.  Our on-line Parent Portal is open for grades 1-6 at this time.  Please contact the school if you need assistance with accessing this online feature.  It is a great way to stay up-to-date with your child's academic progress.  

We will begin our yearly fundraiser next week.  We will be asking our students to sell cookie dough September 11th - September 22nd.  The funds generated are used for grade-level educational field trips as well as purchasing items throughout the year that benefit our children.  Last year we purchased a shade structure for the blacktop area with a portion of our proceeds.  We appreciate your continued support of our annual fundraiser.

Next week we will administer our CBM assessment.  This is a formative assessment that we give to help with coordination of academic services for our students.  The assessment results  will be discussed with you during Parent Teacher Conference.  We also administer this assessment mid-year and end-of- year as well.  Be on the look-out for reports with details regarding student progress.

We will continue to recognize positive achievement, growth, and behavior of students this year.  We will be having a "showcase" for the 1st and 3rd nine weeks as we did last year.  We will have an awards ceremony for the 2nd and 4th nine weeks.  More details will be available closer to times of these events.  We are going to recognize good behavior this year through classroom incentives such as Canteen as well as school-wide incentives.  We are using "PRIDE BUCKS" school wide to focus on responsible behavior.  We will recognize three levels of behavior from the school setting.  Students earning 1-3 bucks will have an out-of-dress-code day determined by the office.  Students earning 4-6 bucks will also earn one extra hour of organized play.  Students earning 9 or more bucks will also earn a fun to fit prize sponsored by School Coordinated Health.  These "bucks" will be given out during special classes throughout the school year.   We are excited to help promote responsible behavior and hope that you will see benefits as well from this program.

We are very fortunate to have extra intervention services that are offered after-school for our children.  We have a few openings for students who need extra academic help.  We are trying to make contact with families to give more information regarding these services.  Please let us know if your child needs extra help and we have not contacted you.  We will do our best to provide any available help we have in place.

We want to continue to encourage good attendance with all of our students.  We can always work with children to make up assignments that are missed when students are absent; however, we cannot replace the instructional time.  For safety reasons, we will always attempt to make contact when a child is absent.  Please feel free to call us in advance if your child is sick as well.  Our school day begins at 7:45.  We open our doors for normal drop off at 7:20.  If you need to drop your child off at an earlier time, we do have a Before School Program.  Feel free to contact us for more information.  Please also remember that an early checkout counts as a tardy unless you have a professional note.  

Since the beginning of the year, we have been dismissing our car students at 2:40 in order to  establish our routine for dismissal.  We are now  dismissing car students to the line at 2:45 and student walkers at 2:55 or immediately following all car-rider dismissal.  We appreciate your understanding.  Our procedures are in place to promote safety for all of our children.  

We want to thank you again for your support and we look forward to a fantastic year.  Henry Ford stated, "Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress, and working together is a success." Let's make it a continuous goal to work closely together as a team to benefit our children.  


Kelly Knott

BES Principal