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PRINCIPAL - Kelly Knott Address -112 W. College St.
SECRETARY - Sharon Hooker PHONE - 742-2118

Welcome to Bradford Elementary School. Here you find opportunities for academic achievement, extracurricular activities and friendship. If you will make the most of these opportunities, you will have a happy, successful school career at Bradford Elementary.


To provide experiences that promote respect for others, self, and government, and to function successfully in a complex society.
To help each student master the basic skills and tools for learning in order to be successful in life.
To provide opportunities and guidance for students to achieve to the best of their ability the discipline of self with the acceptance of responsibility and pride in a job well done.
To provide for individual differences and interest through enriched curricular and extracurricular activities.

Pursuant to its policy of non-discrimination. The Bradford Special School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or military service in its policies, or in the admission or access to, or treatment or employment in its programs, services, or activities.
Coordinator of Title VI & Title IX, Dan Black. 731-74

School Calendar 2018-2019
July 23-25 Professional Development (Staff)
July 24 Open House
July 26 Administrative Day (Staff)
July 27 Students First Day of School (1/2 day0
August 30 Parent Teacher Conference (Progress Report)
Early Dismissal@1:00 PTC@2:00-7:00

August 31 Professional Development (Staff)
September 3 Labor Day (No School)
September 28 End of Nine Week Grading Period
October 1-5 Fall Break
October 11 Report Cards
October 26 Early Dismissal - 1:00 (Staff Development)
November 8 Progress Reports
November 19-23 Thanksgiving Holiday (No School)
December 3 Christmas Staff Dinner
December 9-14 Fall Testing
December 14 End of Fall Semester (½ day)
January 2 Administrative Day
January 3 First Day of Spring Semester
January 10 Report Cards
January 21 Martin Luther King Holiday (No School)
January 31 Parent Teacher Conference (3:30-6:30)
Progress Reports (3:30-6:30)
February 18 Presidents Day (No School)
March 8 End of Nine-Week Grading Period
March 14 Report Cards
March 25-29 Spring Break (No School)
April 11 Progress Reports
April 15-May 3 TCAP & End of Course Testing
April 10 Good Friday
May 6-9 Senior Exams
May 10 Strawberry Festival (No School)
May 15-21 Final Tests
May 21 End of Nine Week Grading Period
May 26 Graduation
May 22 Administrative Day
May 23 Report Cards

Withdrawal from School

Any student who must withdraw from school during the school year should inform teachers and the office as far in advance as possible. All schoolbooks should be turned in by the final day or payment will be expected. Transcripts will not be sent for any students owing money to the Bradford Special school district.

Physical Education Policy

All students at BES are required to have a minimum of one hundred and thirty minutes of physical activity per week. Modifications will be made for those students with physical disabilities provided it is recommended in a written statement by a physician or listed in an IEP or 504 plan.

General Policies

All adults who visit in our building should stop by the office first to receive a visitor's badge. PARENTS YOU ARE WELCOME AT BES.
Should parents need to have a conference with teachers or principal, please call in advance to schedule a time for your meeting. Teachers will not be pulled from other students for an unscheduled conference.

The school is not responsible for bicycles ridden to school.
There is no smoking allowed within 50 ft of a building entrance
Possession of a weapon by adults may result in a five-year imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,500. Students are subject to a one-year dismissal from school, police called, and a court appearance.
Fighting will be dealt with according to board policy.

Restroom Breaks

Teachers provides restroom and water breaks for students. Please use these as directed by the teacher. Parents if your child has a condition requiring more frequent breaks, please provide recent documentation by a physician.

Library/Media Center

Students must check out all books from the library. By doing so the student assumes the responsibility for returning books on time and agree to pay for any lost or damaged items.
All students are assigned individual computer numbers for the automated checkout system.
Books, unless designated REFERENCE OR PROFESSIONAL, may be checked out for a one-week period.
Magazines and pamphlets are for library use during the day or may be borrowed by the teacher for classroom use.

Care of the Building

This is your school. It is paid for by tax revenues that the property owners of our school district pay. These property owners are your parents and relatives. Keep our school in good order for the continued use of many more years.

Lunchroom Policy

The school cafeteria operates under the federal lunch program, which enables it to sell lunches at the lowest possible price. In order to maintain the proper lunch atmosphere, please follow these guidelines:
Avoid unnecessary noise.
Take what food you want, but eat what you take.
Place trash in the proper containers.
Leave the table and surrounding area clean and orderly.
Good eating manners are expected of you at all times.

Reporting Accidents

The supervising teacher will fill out an accident report for any student under his/her supervision who has an accident. No matter how small the accident may seem, be sure to report it to your teacher. This is very important when connected to school insurance claims.


IT IS THE PARENT'S RESPONSIBILITY TO COME TO SCHOOL FOR A STUDENT WHO IS ILL. PLEASE KEEP THE SCHOOL INFORMED OF ALL CORRECT PHONE NUMBERS WHERE YOU MAY BE REACHED. School personnel will not take a student home unless it is an emergency, and then not unless someone is at home. No student should go to the nurse's' office prior to reporting to class, unless there is an emergency. In case of serious injury, school personnel will call for an ambulance to transport students to the hospital and instruct parents to meet them there.


Students who must take prescribed medicine must check in all medication with the school nurse. Medications may not be given by teachers or office staff.



Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, and Lockdown drills will be practiced at regular intervals. Students must listen and obey the directions of teachers during these drills.

Lost and Found

Lost and found articles are placed in the school office. Items not claimed by Christmas break and again by the end of the year will be donated to a charity organization.

Toys/Electronics at School

Students should NOT bring toys, electronic games, or other such items to school UNLESS instructed to do so by a teacher. These items are a distraction and could get broken during the school day. BES is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken items. Students may possess personal communication devices and personal electronic devices so long as such devices are turned off and stored in backpacks, purses or personal carry-alls. Such devices include, but are not limited to, wearable technology such as eye glasses, rings, or watches that have the capability to record, live stream, or interact with wireless technology; cell phones;laptops;tablets; and mp3 players. However, a teacher may grant permission for the use of these devices to assist with instruction in his/her classroom, and teachers are encouraged to integrate the devices into their course work. The principal or his/her designee may also grant a student permission to use such a device at his/her discretion. Unauthorized use or improper storage of a device will result in confiscation until such times as it may be released to the student's parents or guardian. A student in violation of this policy is subject to disciplinary action.

Grading System

A 100 - 93
B 92 - 85
C 84 - 75
D 74 - 70
F 69 and below.
A Honor Roll: A average with no C's, D's, or F's
B Honor Roll : B average with no D's or F's


A pupil shall become ineligible for pupil transportation when his/her behavior is such as to cause dissension on a school bus, or when he/she disobeys state or local rules and regulations pertaining to pupil transportation. The bus driver will report misconduct and the principal will administer consequences. Students who leave campus before loading on the bus shall not return to campus to ride the bus. Following is a sample of bus riding infractions/consequences:

Offense Action
Horseplay, not being seated
Loud, possession of food and
1st offense verbal warning
2nd offense off bus three (3) days
3rd offense off bus five (5) days
4th offense off bus ten (10) days
5th offense permanent suspension
Destroying property, fighting
Profanity, throwing objects.
1st offense off bus three (3) days
2nd offense off bus five (5) days
3rd offense off bus ten (10) days
4th offense permanent suspension
Smoking, possession of lighters,
Matches, fireworks, or stink bombs
1st offense off bus five (5)days
2nd offense off bus ten (10) days
3rd offense permanent suspension.
After a ten (10) day suspension parents, student, bus driver, transportation supervisor, and principal must meet before the student returns to riding the bus.
All other bus misbehavior will be dealt with at the discretion of the principal depending on the circumstances of the event.

School Telephone

Use of the phones in the building is restricted to emergency calls with permission from the office personnel or a note from the teacher responsible. No student will be called from class to the phone. Messages should be restricted to those that cannot be worked out before the student leaves home.

Emergency Closing of School

Should inclement weather or other emergencies force the closing of schools, information will be given as early as possible over TV: WBBJ-CHANNEL 7, WREG 3, WMC 5, WPSD 6, WHBQ 13, WPTY 24, CW 30, RADIO:WYNU 92.3, 93.7, 97.5, 104, 106.9 and the phone tree. If no announcement is made then school is in regular session. PARENTS THE ONLY WAY THE PHONE TREE WORKS IS IF WE HAVE A WORKING NUMBER, PLEASE KEEP US UPDATED.


School Day/Tardy
7:45 - 2:45

All students grades 1 - 6 who enter the building prior to 7:40 should report to the cafeteria, Kindergarten prior to 7:30. The school day officially begins at 7:45. Do NOT leave any child at the gym or office before 7:15. No teachers are on duty until 7:15. Any student not in their classrooms and seated by 7:45 is tardy.Three tardies are cause for the school to have students stay for after school detention. Students who do not stay for detention may be assigned alternative school. Parents who check students out of school prior to the end of the school day (2:45) are subject to the same consequences as tardy students. Excessive tardies are a form of truancy and parents may be cited into court.

Attendance Policy

Good school attendance is essential to the best scholastic achievement. When students are absent, they are likely to miss instruction which will seriously affect their educational progress. Students will not be admitted to class without an admission slip. Upon his/her return to school students must provide a written excuse signed by the parent/guardian, physician, dentist, court, counselor etc. If the note is from a source other than the parent/guardian, the note should include date and time of the visit. The first five absences are the only ones in which a parent/guardian note is acceptable to receive an excused absence. Students participating in school-sponsored activities shall not be counted as absent School related means that the activity must be school planned, school directed, and teacher supervised.
Excused absences: The principal or his/her designee has the authority to excuse students under the following conditions.
Illness of student
Doctor or dental appointment
Death or serious illness in the student's immediate family.
Emergencies requiring the student's presence at home.
Religious holidays regularly observed by persons of their faith.
Legal court summons- not a result of the students conduct
Others at the discretion of the principal.

Unexcused Absences-Absences resulting from truancy, out-of-school suspension or reasons not cited above shall be classified as UNEXCUSED ABSENCES.
Make-Up Work -Students with excused absences have the opportunity to make up missed work. . Students have the responsibility of contacting the teacher to make up any missed work. Students, after their return, will have five school days to make up missed work. Students with unexcused absences may make up missed work at the discretion of the teacher. Promotion may be withheld until all class work and tests have been satisfactorily completed.
Check In/Check Out-A check in/check out folder is kept in the office for all students to check in or out during the school day. Parents must come into the office to sign his/her signature when bringing the child late or checking out early. Should the parent be unable to appear at the office and sends someone else to check in/out their child, the parent must notify the office by phone or other means. Our concern here is safety for your child.
Absentee Policy
1st and 2nd Unexcused Absence - Verbal Warning
3rd and 4th Unexcused Absence - Contact parent/guardian
5th Unexcused Absence - Written warning to parent/guardian
6th Unexcused Absence - Truancy citation will be filed with the Gibson County Juvenile Court
Documentation to clear unexcused absences must be provided to the school within five (5) school days after the student returns to school.
Remember three tardies or three unexcused early checkouts are treated as one unexcused absence.
Absent-A student not in attendance in regularly scheduled classes at the school he/she is registered.
Present-A student in attendance in regularly scheduled classes where he/she is registered.
Early Dismissal-A student leaving class or school early.
Truancy-An unexplained absence for an entire school day, a portion of any class, or unexcused absence for a part of a school day.



Child Custody

The school recognizes that issues related to the legal and physical custody of students are complicated and can impact the student's educational experience. Parents and legal guardians of students are strongly encouraged to stay involved with their students academic progress. Unless a court order decrees otherwise, either parent or legal guardian may view sent to the parent or legal guardian with primary physical custody of the student during the school year. It is the responsibility of the parent or legal custodian with primary physical custody to provide current copies of court orders to the school. Child visitation and exchange of custody should not take place during school hours or on school property. The school will assume no responsibility for enforcing visitation or custody orders and reserves the right to prohibit parents or legal guardians from entering school property if their conduct becomes disruptive to the school environment. Concerns regarding custody and visitation should be directed to the school principal

Discipline at School

Each staff member at Bradford Elementary accepts responsibility for the maintenance of discipline. A student's behavior should conform to acceptable standards of conduct as established by the principle and individual teachers. Inappropriate actions include, but are not limited to the following:
Insubordination towards teachers or administration (not doing what you are told)
Disruptive behavior in the classroom.
Disrespectfulness to teachers or administrators.
Arguing or fighting on campus. (Fighting will be dealt with according to board policy.)
Taking money or property from the school or another student.
Use of possession of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, fireworks, knives, or other unlawful arms on school property or any school event.
Using profane, vulgar, or indecent language.
Vandalism to the personal property of faculty/staff.
Harassing another student verbally or in writing.



Most of our students do a great job in exercising self-discipline, behaving responsibly, and obeying rules. These rules apply on school property, at school-sponsored activities, and on buses; however, some students are not always considerate of the rules. When this happens, the school district must take corrective actions to fulfill one of its major responsibilities - keeping the school environment safe and productive for all students. The majority of student behavior is handled in the classroom or in the school by a conference with the student and/or the parent or guardian.

An In School Suspension (ISS) program is in place for students who fail to comply with school rules. Students may be placed in ISS for a few hours, an entire day, or several days, depending on the type of offense they have committed. While in ISS, students are supervised by a teacher or an educational assistant. Students are expected to work throughout the day completing assignments made by the classroom teacher(s) when they are assigned to ISS.

After School Detention is also in place for students who fail to comply with school rules. After School Detention times are from 3:00 until 4:00 pm. Parents are responsible for furnishing transportation for students who are assigned a detention after school.

Corporal punishment is kept to minimum but may be used as a last resort when all other methods of punishment have failed to correct the problem. Parent objections to corporal punishment must be signed and dated each year on student registration forms.

Guidelines For Field Trips
Discipline, Attendance, and Grades
No alternative school, Saturday school, or suspensions per semester.
No more than 3 days in-school suspension or administrative intervention per semester.
No more than 3 unexcused absences during a semester.

Suspension and Expulsion

The principal may suspend any student from attendance at school, school related activity (on or off campus), specific class, riding the school bus, assign alternative school, or assign in-school suspension for good and sufficient reason including, but not limited to the following:
Willful and persistent violation of the rules of the school or truancy.
Immoral or disreputable conduct, including vulgar language, or dress code violation.
Violence or threatened violence.
Willful or malicious damage to real or personal property of the school or persons attending or assigned to the school.
Inciting, advising, or counseling others to engage in any of the acts herein enumerated.
Possession of a pistol, gun, or firearm (real or fake)
Possession of a knife or weapon as defined in TCA 39-6-1701 on school property or school related activities.
Assault of a teacher, principal, or employee of the school.
Unlawful possession of drugs as defined in TCA 53-10-101.
Engaging in behavior that disrupts a class or school sponsored activity.
Any other conduct prejudicial to good order or discipline in school.


In-School Suspension

Students given in-school suspension will be placed in an area appropriate for study or may be placed in the alternative school setting for suspension longer than one (1) day.

Transfer Option For Students Victimized By Violent Crime At School

Under the Tennessee State Board of Education's Unsafe School Policy, any public school student who is the victim of a violent crime as defined under TCA 40-38-111(g), or the attempt to commit one of these offenses as defined under TCA 39-12-101, shall be provided an opportunity to transfer to another grade-level appropriate school within the district.
Additional information regarding this option may be obtained by contacting Principal Kelly Knott 742-2118.


Legal Services Division -
710 James Robertson Parkway,
Andrew Johnson Tower 5th floor, Nashville, TN 37243-0380
Phone: 615-741-2851, fax. 615-253-5567
West TN Regional Resource Center -
100 Berryhill Drive, Jackson, TN 38301.
Phone 731-421-5074. Fax. 731-421-5077
The ARC of Tennessee -
44 Vantage Way, Suite 550, Nashville, TN 37228,
Phone: 1-800-835-7077, FAX: 615-248-5879
Support & Training for Exceptional Parents (STEP) -
712 Professional Plaza, Greeneville, TN 37745, W. TN
Phone: 901-756-7332
Tennessee Protection & Advocacy (TP&A) -
416 First Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37212,
Phone: 1-800-287-9636, Fax: 615-298-2046
Tennessee Voices for Children - West Tennessee (Jackson Area)
Phone: 731-660-6365 Fax: 731-660-6372

Mission Statement
The Bradford Special School District has a responsibility to prepare students to take their place in society as mature, responsible adults. While the BSSD Board of Education desires to allow students flexibility in dress code, it is important that all students follow these guidelines in order to prevent stricter regulations.
The atmosphere of the school and community is reflected by the dress of our student body. The student dress code ensures that clothing does not interfere with the learning process or educational environment. Beginning with the 2007-2008 school year, all students must comply with this standardized dress code.
A student's physical appearance must be clean, neat and not distractive. Students must adhere to the dress code on buses. Parental judgment is suggested, but administrative judgment will take precedent. With this in mind, the following dress code is offered,

Basic Dress
· Students in Pre-k through 6th grade may wear plain denim,
· No denim shall be worn in grades 7 - 12.
· All clothing must be plain but can have manufacturers logos, brand names, and insignia visible on the clothing. Small logos (quarter size) on shirts, on waistline or pocket of pants and shorts may be permitted.
· All items of clothing must be properly sized. No oversized pants or shirts will be allowed.
· All clothing must be clean, without holes, and in good repair. Clothing will fit properly and be appropriate for the activity, at all times.
· Articles of clothing must be worn with its intended style (e.g. if it is supposed to be zipped - zip it; if it is supposed to be buckled - buckle it; if it is supposed to be buttoned - button it; if it is suppose to be tied - tie it).
· Gloves must not be worn inside the school facilities.
· Sweat pants or jogging suits must not be worn.
· The basic dress must be solid tan Khaki (no green shades), navy or black pants, knee length skirts, walking shorts, or jumpers and a solid color long sleeve or short sleeve shirt with a collar (polo style, button down/dress style or
turtleneck. The top button may be worn unbuttoned.
· Only one-collared shirt must be worn at a time - no layering of shirts.
· One, solid color T-shirt may be worn as an undergarment and must be tucked in at all times.
· Clothing that indicates drug culture, gang membership, supports gang behavior, or is gang-identified will not be tolerated.
· No hooded items of any type are allowed to be worn inside the building.
Pants Skirts I Shorts Jumpers
· Students must wear solid tan khaki (no green shades), navy or black pants, knee-length walking shorts, skirts or jumpers.
· Cargo/painter pants/shorts are not allowed.
· Pants must be straight-legged or flared. Bell bottoms are not permitted. They are not to be tucked or rolled up over socks or shoes.
· Skirts, jumpers and shorts must be worn at or below the knee.
· Solid khaki (no green shades), navy or black Capri pants are permitted.
· Shorts must be dress-type. Sport shorts are not allowed.
· Pants must fit at the waist and not be undersized or oversized. Baggy pants, saggy pants, tights or pants made of spandex are prohibited. Pants more than one size larger than the body is considered oversized.
· Small logos (quarter size) on waistline or pockets of pants and shorts are allowed.
· Un-hemmed pants, frayed bottoms (more than 1 inch) and cutoffs are not allowed.
· In grades 5-12, pants with belt loops must have a belt.
· Belts must be appropriately sized and must be solid brown, black or navy.
Shirts /Sweaters /Coats
· Students must wear a solid color long sleeve or short sleeve shirt with a collar (polo style, button down/dress style or turtleneck).
· Shirts must cover the entire upper body and be a contrasting color to pants.
· No cap sleeves or sleeveless shirts. There must be a seam under the arms.
· Shirts, approved by school administration, that represent school-based organizations will be allowed on designated days.
· Males, grade 5th through 12th, must have shirttails tucked in and belt line visible.
· Females can wear shirt-tails out, but they must extend to at least mid pocket area on the pants but not be below the bottom of the back pocket area
· Vests, sweaters, sweatshirts without hoods, and cardigans are permitted over the basic shirt (shirt collar must be visible). These items must be any color, waist length or longer.
· Heavy coats, heavy jackets and raincoats are not to be worn inside the building.
· Clothing with small (quarter size) manufacturers' logo and insignias are allowed.
· School logo and mascot on school-approved clothing is permitted.
· Shoes can have heels no higher than one and one-half inches. Athletic shoes, dress shoes, crocs and boots are permitted.
· Shoes must be laced, tied, strapped and hooked.
· House shoes are not permitted.
· Flip-flops and sandals are not permitted.
· Laces must be the same color with only one pair of laces per shoe. Any athletic shoe or boot may be any color but must have only one pair of laces per shoe. Shoe closures must be laced, tied, strapped, and/or hooked.

Book Bags
· Rolling book bags are not allowed unless medically necessary and approved by school administration.
Headwear/ Earrings Jewelry Piercing
· Clothing or jewelry that indicates drug culture, gang membership, supports gang behavior, or is gang-identified is not allowed.
· Students must not wear jewelry or hair accessories that may be construed as dangerous or distracting.
· Pierced jewelry must be limited to females only and earrings only: females may wear two pairs of earrings provided the earrings are not distracting or present a safety issue. Other pierced jewelry (real or look alike) is not allowed.
· Non-prescribed mouth accessories will not be allowed (i.e., no grills).
· Hats, toboggans, bandanas, head scarves, sweatbands, stocking caps, hair racks/combs, hair rollers, combs, rakes, do rags, and sunglasses cannot be worn in the building.
· All tattoos, brands and body piercing must be completely covered.
Traditional hair color and hair style, no mohawks, etc..
· Special Days (such as "Spirit Day," Homecoming) may be set aside by school administrators to allow variations in the dress code. Dates will be announced.
· Clothing must always be appropriate.
· Clubs - All clubs shall travel in adherence to the dress code. Field trips are included. Athletic teams shall dress in appropriate fashion - approved by school administrators.
· Sponsors are responsible for appropriate wear when special events are planned.

Compliance / Dress Code Consequences
First Violation
Student will receive a verbal warning AND the student must call parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school AND change clothing. Student will have until the following day to make up any work missed. A "Notice of Non-Compliance" will be mailed AND sent home with the student. This notice requires parent/guardian to call or come to school the day after receiving the notice for the purpose of discussing BSSD's dress code. Students who parent/guardian cannot or will not bring appropriate clothing to school will be place in in-school-suspension for the remainder of the day.
Second Violation
Student will receive one-day (1) of in-school suspension AND the student must call parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school AND change clothing. Student who misses class due to the necessity of changing into clothing that meet dress code policy will be unexcused for the time missed. A "Notice of Non-Compliance" will be mailed AND sent home with the student. This notice requires parent/guardian to call or come to school the day after receiving the notice for the purpose of discussing BSSD's dress code.
Third Violation
Student will receive three (3) days of in-school suspension AND the student must call parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school AND change clothing. Student who misses class due to the necessity of changing into clothing that meet dress code policy will be unexcused for the time missed. A "Notice of Non-Compliance" will be mailed AND sent home with the student. This notice requires parent/guardian to call or come to school the day after receiving the notice for the purpose of discussing BSSD's dress code.
Fourth Violation
Student will be assigned to Alternative School for a minimum of five (5) days AND the student must call, parent/guardian to bring appropriate clothing to school AND change clothing. Student who misses class due to the necessity of changing into clothing that meet dress code policy will be unexcused for the time missed. A "Notice of Non-Compliance" will be mailed AND sent home with the student. This notice requires parent/guardian to meet with school administrators BEFORE the student will be allowed to return to school.
A parent/guardian who objects to the BSSD dress code because of religious beliefs must obtain a copy of the dress code and request and exemption in writing.The principal must accept or deny the request within two (2) school days. If the request is denied, the principal must provide a written explanation for his decision.A parent/guardian can appeal the principal's decision, within two (2) days, to the Superintendent. The Superintendent must meet with the parent/guardian within five (5) school days of the receipt of the request and must render a decision within five (5) school days after meeting with parent/guardian.If the request is denied, the Superintendent must provide a written explanation for his decision. 13 July 2007 (Rev.)Bradford Special School District reserves the right to amend dress code as deemed necessary.